Friday, June 9, 2017

Local Author Anxious About Deep State Surveillance Too...

      The open letter published at Canada Free Press by Buffalo talk show host Tom Bauerle warning President Trump of deep state forces attempting to take down his presidency has local author P.A.Kane (Written In The Stars:The Book Of Molly) feeling anxious too.
   The letter contains photo and video evidence along with expert testimony recounting  several incidents, dating back to 2013, where Bauerle believes he and his family became the subject of high tech surveillance by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for the strong stance he took on his radio show against the Safe-Act (which primarily reduces the size of a gun clip). Feeling he was being observed by nefarious forces Bauerle made several calls to local police, but when they found no evidence of surveillance the talk show host asserted the ruthless Cuomo was employing new cloaking technologies such as non-linear optics and adaptive camouflage to track his movements. Now, given the endless leaks emanating from the White House, Bauerle believes deep state forces are using these same cloaking techniques in an attempt to bring down the Trump presidency.
    Though an ardent Progressive, opposed to both Bauerle and the Trump administration  Kane has been noticing some strange occurrences in his own back yard and believes he too is the subject of deep state cloaking surveillance.