Monday, June 12, 2023

Hey . . .

This here page you just clicked on is the official homepage of author P.A.Kane. It feels funny to say that because when you think of a homepage of a website you maybe think of a place that is dynamic, a place that distills fabulous time-sensitive information. But the truth is not a hell of a lot goes on here. Occasionally I’ll put up a quick hit idea in the form of an essay or a poem (like below) but mostly this place just sits here and doesn't do much of anything while I work on more substantive projects.  Presently, I’m writing two books—a novel about a throwback blue collar guy named Larry Plumb who’s trying to adapt to a changing world that is so over his white male privilege. And, a non-fiction book about the 1970's desegregation of my alma mater, South Park High School. I’m excited about both projects, but these things progress inch by inch in a painstaking manner. Hence, the lack of activity at the “homepage.” Of course, while you’re waiting for these projects to be completed I can offer you a bevy of alternatives. Over there in the right hand column are links to my other platforms and books. Buffalo Mud is a satire/fake news site that mostly focuses on my hometown of Buffalo, NY and is updated weekly. Going Mobile With P.A.Kane, is the daily travel lounge of my two-month, eight-thousand mile trip around the U.S. in the summer/fall of 2022 in my Ram Promaster van. There’s also a link to my Amazon page where you can find my book of essays and two novels. And, finally in the archives of this site you can find things I’ve posted here. I’d recommend, “The Four Day Rental.”    Thank you for the interest and support. Hopefully I’ll have some new product up in the not too distant future to give this “homepage” some much needed excitement.  P.A. Kane June, 2023

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